Skyward Mobile Access App recensioner

It’s pretty great for what it is

I rate it a four star because I hate school but other than that I think it’s a great way to check your grades


This is an amazing app but we need to have a delete all button on the message so we don’t have to delete one by one but other than that this is a good way of checking our grades.....

App not working

I use this for app to monitor two children. New problem this school year is that you no longer can click on the teachers for each class and get their email link. That was so useful before. I’m really bummed that no longer works. Also for my second child’s page only, you cannot click on the individual class and see individual assignments. The only way I can see assignments is if I choose “custom grade display”. This is very annoying and not user friendly.

This app is an absolute dumpster fire

It has no redeeming qualities

Update needed

With the most recent update, I’m no longer receiving push notifications even though my device is registered to receive them. Please fix this ASAP!

Makes me sad

Whenever I go on there and I have a missing assignment it just sits there at the top in red like it’s mocking me for forgetting to turn some thing in. Then I check my grades and quickly realize that I was wrong about thinking I did well on a test or paper. Hate it. Must stop.


Please update to work with iPhone Xs Max.


It refuses to connect to WiFi or cellular data after I re-downloaded because it initially would time out while it was “verifying” my password so basically it does not work whatsoever. This app is a wreck and the developers clearly do not know or care about what they are doing.

I hate this thing

Parent here...first two weeks zero issues. Nothing’s changed. I check daily. I have a code to log on. Skyward decides about a week ago to just not work. I put code it tells me credentials aren’t correct then says it’s unavailable next day...log in manually and everything is not available. I hate it. What’s the point of having something that’s not working ANDDDD no way of contacting them to get it fixed? Contact me and fix this issue already IT people!

Won’t recognize password!!!

Used my PC to change my password today after phone app couldn’t verify my password. Got in fine on PC. The app won’t verify the new password either. Disappointed and frustrated.

Horrible app

Absolutely useless

Poorly maintained app that is just a this wrapper around their awful website

It will not automatically login with FaceID almost every time. It still needs some screen dimension fixes for iPhone X. The support link from the App Store page to their website is broken.

Not able to use

I got the new I phone8and since then I have not been able to log in on the app. I can log in on the computer but no longer my phone. Sooo irritated

Does not load

It says "Verifying" and does not load

bad grades

why does it tell me i have bad grades?


As a student that likes to keep up with my grades this app is very much a disappointment. The app is constantly crashing then out of the blue it won’t let me login anymore. I think the concept is good but it definitely needs to be reworked from the ground up to make it more reliable, easier to navigate, and just more efficient overall.

Update problems

Just updated my app and now it won’t login! Had no issues before the update but now it just says verifying and won’t load. Please fix, thank you. Other than that the App has been wonderful and I use it regularly during school. Helps me stay on top of my kids grades and correct anything before it becomes a problem.


Skyward wasn’t loading so I deleted the app and re downloaded it. Now I’m locked out and can’t even get in to see my grades.

Please don’t get this app

I really hate this it won’t let u log in and when u do it won’t let u check ur grades I really don’t recommend

Nice Mobile App

Access to different areas works as expected. Lately though all I see is a verifying dialog box. I’ve forced closed rebooted uninstalled and nothing helps.

locked out on iphone 6s

While connected to wifi i can sign in but it constantly says verifying and never fully verifies. I am connected to wifi safari works fine.


The app looks like it was made in 2001 tbh

Please fix your app

This app is horrible however I admire the idea but the execution of this app is horrible would not recommend to anyone until fixed

Big bad

It showed my parents my grades were all Fs :(


app takes forever to verify and long to load pages

Can’t even sign in!

Every time I open the app I am prompted to either find my school by postal code, location, or district. But every time I tried to type something in, the whole thing freezes and won’t let me do anything.

Doesn’t work FIX BUGS // TRASH

I can’t even start it up anytime I try to get to my school district it just freezes and tells me check if you have WiFi or something and I can’t get in or do anything you guys NEED to fix this app it back to school we need to see our grades

Mk forst of all...

Why is it ages 4+

Doesn’t send me notifications

Doesn’t send me notifications

I hate this

It makes me see how bad my grades are

How come ?

hmmm idk sometimes it’s shows the letter F to often 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s just trash

I miss infinite campus. Rating 2 starts because there is some redeeming qualities but just know that if your school switches to this Skyward b.s. good luck

Good app

It’s a really good app because it’s really helpful that whenever I click on it I’m already logged in and ready to check my grades unlike going into the internet and logging in every single time it’s annoying and a waste of time😁😫

Could be much better.

I’m a school counselor whose district uses Skyward/Qmlativ. This app needs a lot of work. Very difficult to navigate in comparison to the website on a computer.


I love this app and it definitely deserves a 5 star in my opinion


It’s for school so it’s bad

App support please contact me

This is my first time trying to use Skyward. Both of my kids go to school in the district that I selected. It never asked me for a username and only asked for a password. I am using voice over mode. I cannot login and I don’t see where I can register. I clicked on the button for app support but it takes me to a page on that does not exist. Could someone from app support please contact me so I can get this figured out. Thank you


every time i open the app, i never see the grades i want to see. very disappointing and i think they need to fix that

Please update

Ok so I have a child going to kindergarten but I can’t find her login information so how can I register her for this year ?

Needs a lot of work

I have never downloaded an app and immediately put a review on it, much less a bad review. The app is extremely glitchy and I can’t even find my kids school. How am I supposed to use this app if I can’t find the district or school? I should be able to search for the name of the school. Useless!

Navigation is confusing

I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. But I find this app is very confusing and non-intuitive. It’s hard to get back to home screen or find the calendar. They need to start over on this one. Use the desktop version instead.

Pretty good app

Even though it basically lets your parents stalk your grades on this app, it gets the job done.

1 star

I rated it a one star because people can see your grades

Poor interface, practically useless

As a parent, I’m forced to use this horrible app by my local school district to register my children. Only it doesn’t work. Menus lay on top of forms that refuse to close, making it impossible to complete the required forms. If schools require this nonsense, they should be sure it works. Total crap.




So who likes school?

What a mess

The app is a total mess, but even worse, it doesn’t show that teachers have made comments along with the assignment grade. The comments we make are more important than the grade half the time.

this app gives me anxiety

so many tragic experiences due to this app🤧

Won’t work at all

Opened the app and it will not let me locate my school. Or any other school for that matter. Wish I could give less than one star

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