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The app works terribly, but is worse when it wont work at all

This app is really convenient if you only care about the grades you have in one six weeks at a time. The server crashes are impossible to deal with, and the way the interface is organized is ridiculous. I wish I could rate this app lower for the unnecessary struggle it has caused me and everybody else.


I forgot my password and I tried it a few times in different ways that I thought was my password but then when I looked in my planner and got the passcode it said that my account acceded the limit of tried when I had the right password

The most honest review on this app

I just really freaking hate school: Something needs to be done because some teenagers would rather die than go to school. People actually dread waking up in the morning just because they dont want to go to school. Im not saying its like this for everybody, but the system is seriously messed up. Personally after I learn something and take the test over it I just forget it. I go to school to get good grades and I do, but I literally dont remember anything from ANY of my classes last semester except for the ones that I enjoyed being in. To me those classes are photography, choir, and biology. I absolutely have no interest in any type of science, in fact I have always hated that class, but my teacher actually made me want to learn. She was energetic and made learning something I wanted to do. As fast as photography and choir I liked them because I am interested in those two things and find them fun to do, but also because my teachers were amazing. They pushed the whole class as a group to be the best we could be. They didnt slap work in our face to do while they "monitored" the class. They were with us to help us learn and get better. They encouraged us to ask questions, because if we had a question there was at least 1 other person in the room that had that same question. Im not saying that school is a bad thing I just think that people need to get off their butts and review the whole situation. I dont understand how people dont understand the stress that teenagers go through. Yeah its a tough time trying to figure out who you are, I know. But thats not the stressful part of being a teen. In my opinion school is the #1 most stressful thing I have gone through and I am positive it is not healthy to be going through as much stress as I am. But you know what, I have to deal with it because there is nobody even considering the situation. I can go to a counselor to report a teacher, heck I can go to the principal to report a teacher and I HAVE. But is anything going to be done? No. Why not? "Since that teacher has so many students its hard for them to give 100% effort to all of their students equally." If thats your answer then maybe you should train that adult human to deal with situations like these. Teachers are supposed support and advocate for their EVERY SINGLE ONE of their students, and if they cant do that because they dont particularly "like" one of them then maybe they shouldnt even be a teacher.

Useless piece of crap

Skyward, while useful before is now completely useless, I have attempted to log into my account multiple times and it constantly gives me an error. I dont know why but this stupid app is nothing but a pain.


I cant check any of my grades anymore. Skyward says "nothing to show" so I cant check my exam grades or my semester grades!!!!!!


I failed English smh I hate this app it always brings pain and suffering and it gets me in trouble smh


Missing so many features compared to the website that its useless.

1 Star

And btw if you havent noticed yet this app has more 1 star reviews than anything

Very Poor Design

The app is slow. The design is even worse! I would like to see all of my grades, missing assignments, and tests all at the same time. The first thing I would want to see is everything. Instead, I have to spend forever trying to look for everything! I hate searching for my grades. Please give the app a cleaner look!

The app has been broken for a year.

The Touch ID on it never works for me, and it wont allow me to put in my passcode. Honestly, I think its a broken mechanic in the app, and its really annoying.

Look at all the 1-star reviews, nuf said

Cant enter attendance and the UI is from 1990. Terrible.


Ok so Im trying to look at my grades and I cant even get into my account! I may have changed my password, but it locked me out!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Please lemme back in the app so I can see my bad grades! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaase! Also, Skyward looks weird. The color scene is sooooo blegh! Chaaaaange! Ahhhhhh!

Complete Garbage!

I cant even tell which grade I have anymore because on the app it says I have a C but then I checked the website and I had A B. The website is very difficult to use and it bugs out every time I use it. I cant even see my missing assignments! You might as well take down this app because it is useless, it cant update anything and it only shows test scores. This is bizarre! You have to pick up your game, skyward is one of the most widely used grade book! Im really hoping for a change but I doubt that will ever happen.


It does what it needs to do but it is in no way sleek and easy to use. This app could use a lot of visual improvements.

2016 not 2006

Please update the app and make it work, there is always a pop up saying theres a mobile access issue. The app doesnt look good either. Please just make an update to the app to make it look good and function well


This is a completely pointless app, as in its trash and it doesnt show my true grades. I know Im better than everyone and smarter. Gimme all As and I will give this garbage app 3 stars at the very least.

Notification Option

Please add in a notification option for when teachers put in grades. Thatd be great!


I think its okay its works fine but ,for some reason I just got kicked out and I for some reason cant get back on. I would say half of its good while the other problems just stink.


This app and this platform is hard to use and disappointing as a teacher, a student and a parent.

Doesnt show missing assignments!!

Either Im blind or its not on my phone or something but I have to go to google just to see my missing assignments. I got this mobile skyward so I can checked my grades and other stuff faster than you could on the web. I dont like the website one on the phone because the picture is too small and usually doesnt even work and this app works fine except I cant seem to find my missing assignments. I know I have a few so theres no reason its not on there. If there could be an update strictly for this, not the design, it would be a great help and would be very useful. I would give a way better review if it just had your missing assignments listed.

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