Skyward Mobile Access App Reviews

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Fix it ASAP!

I hate the new update. Its slower than it used to be and more confusing. I can barely find my grades. The old one was perfectly fine as it was. The update is very unhelpful.Change it back NOW!

I hate it!!!

Ok I cant even log in to my acc on the app or the website. Like what is this? My password is invalid but I got it from my school they said it should work then why doesnt it and when u r logged in the app is so hard to opperate

Shouldnt even exist

This bull crap was only designed to get kids in trouble. If youre failing, then your teacher will let you know or you can just ask them. Skyward is Skynet

Dont get it

This update is terrible I cant even look at my grades or even get into my account. The only way I can is if I go onto my desktop. I dont recommend this

Can we get an Apple Watch app?

Id love to be able to punch in and out from my wrist.


I have a idea plz make it so the teachers can put a picture of the assignment next to the grade thanks.

Not friendly

This app is not user friendly at all!! I end up have to go to the desktop. Then I have to set up a new password every once in awhile!!! Its so frustrating!!! Pls fix this!!!!

Great App

I can hide my grades from my parents

bring back the old skyward

i dont know how to check my grades anymore. it used to be great but its so cunfusing now. bring back the old skyward


Worst thing ever created next to the Clintons

Less than useless

My school district changed from GradePro this school year. Skyward mobile app fails in the following ways: Only shows current marking period; Doesnt sent notice as new grades are input; Doesnt track GPA; Doesnt calculate grade across all marking periods; Display is bland and unwieldy; and so much more.


You guys should make a wager for iPhones like on the lock screen. Please share so they can say.

Its Works Fine

Literally the whole point of this app is to check your grades. Not by how it looks, if your reading this dont listen to all the kids here. Their writing bad reviews because they hate school and or their grades. But this works perfectly fine, it shows your grades. It does everything its supposed to be. Dont listen to all these kids.


Before the update it looked clean and simple. Everything was easy to access. Now, its ugly and it made everything 1000x more difficult to navigate. Deleted.

Not good whatsoever.

Hey Skyward, have you ever heard of the phrase "if it isnt broken then dont fix it"? With every update this app has gotten worse and worse. Users have to learn how to use the app again with every new update because it is so butchered every single time! A few terms that describe this app are as follows: clunky, slow, non-innovative, and broken. Sometimes it feels like the developers are trying to push away students from using this app, and if that statement is true, they have done a great job doing so. To be completely honest, Im glad this is the last year I have to use it.


I dont why our school switched to this site and left PowerSchool. The app doesnt tell you your GPA, it doesnt tell you if your grade went higher or lower and It doesnt tell you the percent of your grade just the grade point I do not recommend

Wish we could go back to the old app.

Really poor redesign of the app. You cannot look at grades in student management and it is not user friendly. You cannot set preferences and it constantly reverts back to family access when all I want is student management. It takes weeks to get any answer from skyward and all that you get told is no it cant be done.


I cant look up past grades. I click "show past grades" but nothing happens.

I dont know why everyone hates this app

There is nothing wrong with it. It is simple to open and check my grades. It makes my life so much easier. I dont know why everyone is complaining about the new layout...


I know that very few people actually like this app, but I differ from the majority. Whenever I want to look at my daughters grades, I just go onto the app, sign in, and theyre right there. Right when you log into the app, you are able to see their grades, and I think that that is most important. It is also very easy to access the grades that my daughter got on her specific class assignments. I personally like the new update! I use Skyward all the time!

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